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Whilst we will miss that crucial face-to-face encounter that the Conference provides, we will keep in touch virtually, through a series of student-led events. We aim to support each other throughout the year, celebrate our achievements, and prepare ourselves for a great meeting.

All sessions will take place over Zoom. Access link and password will be posted on this webpage a few hours before the meeting, and sent in due time to registered attendees. Design in Quarantine was founded in April of in order to document and preserve in real time design responses to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Inspired by the technique of rapid-response curation in museums, the digital collection of this archive is a real-time example of changing research methods in light of recent events. In this session, Fleur and Anna will talk about how Design in Quarantine has developed since April, its operation as a digital archive, and how to contribute. Visit the project's website at designinquarantine. Please book a place at eventbrite.

In this session, they will be guiding a conversation about what it means to be a design historian. Expect personal views on the methodological detours, anxieties, and joys of learning and practicing design history.

Denise Lai will join the conversation. Andrea has a wide range of research interests, mainly around the ways in which material culture is mediated and how designers engage with mediation in their professional practice past and present. Alex J. Todd is a design historian and educator.

Alex lectures in Contextual Studies at the University for the Creative Arts and is currently undertaking PhD research into the political posters of Dutch graphic design collective Wild Plakken, funded by Techne at the University of Brighton. This session will be a great opportunity for students interested in design history to learn more about the society and get involved.

Expect a relaxed conversation. His research explores the official culture of commemoration of the nascent Turkish state during the early 20th century and its material manifestations through design in monuments, print media, and technology. Her doctoral research maps new histories of amateur film, exploring how neurodiverse filmmakers use the medium as a form of visual activism, or 'craftivism,' to construct alternative disability narratives.

Gael Welstead works in human centred design. She is fuelled by the relationship between people and design, and the interconnectivity of the systems that make the world go round. In her design historical work she likes to focus on what we can learn from the past in order to better design for the future.

Whilst completing her MA in design history '18 her thesis looked at the design of 21st century city maps and how visual trends were changing the experience of urban space. For this session, Jennifer McHugh would like to invite you, students interested in design history, to present an element of your research.

This can be an image or object, process or practice that reflects your work, something you would like to share in a brief talk of minutes. The general conversation will be formed around present ways of conducting research in design history. As the date of the DHS Annual Conference approaches, Basel, 2 to 4 Septemberit could be a great opportunity to articulate our research objects to the conference's theme "Memory Full".

In the course of the virtual activities, we will be gathering ideas, suggestions, thoughts, to make the most out of the student presence in Basel. Watch this space! Contact Please direct any further queries to designhistorysociety gmail. Booking is essential, find links to eventbrite below. Further details and call for contributions will be posted to this page in due time.

We would like to hear from you!

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More information coming up soon!This is a Map to travel to Fairy Land, to visit forty-two Fairy tales, places where beautiful girls and handsome princes live together with beasts, frogs and pigeons, which would change again into human beings.

They deal with powerful or wretched, patient or bloody parents, they meet cannibal wolves or ogres, helper or spiteful fairies. They walk for through dark woods and serve foreign kings, they sleep for hundred years and they awake fresh like a rose, they listen to and tell their story to every being they meet on their way, never giving up their wish, especially when it looks unattainable.

If you feel that their odd amazing tale has something to do with yours, click on this map where you like and enter in Fabulando.

Fabulando per Gianni Rodari, edizione 2009

There you could go out when you want, come back and go on and walk loosing and finding yourself together with Cinderella, the Frogs Prince and Princess, the Seven Little Pigeons and their sister, the Beast and his Beauty, Snow White and her little friends.

You could learn when and where they were born, and how many centuries they crossed to come to you, forever young, always ready to get in the way and risk everything. Fabulando is a country where you may dream, be moved and think; it is a storytelling country that brings you back the charm of old beautiful books in the boundless land of the new media, to visit this country it does no matter your age, education or nationality.

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If you are a little fanciful, a little curious, if your heart may beat more, your mouth may smile and your eyes may fill with tears looking at a movie or reading a book, enteryou will enjoy. Login Register. Designed by Shape5. Desktop Version.My dissertation examines the production of Ju? I maintain that the frequent comparisons of the maquiladora model to Nazi concentration camps tends to be iatrogenic; rather than shedding light on the precarious situation of the workers, it frames their existence into a pre-ordained and inescapable future of gloom.

These narratives also contribute to the creation of a social imaginary that justifies violent military and high impact policing as a solution to social problems.

El taller de los cuentos

However, I also analyze other works that attempt to explore new ways of assembling information and producing Ju? My dissertation is organized in four chapters. In the first one, I expose how journalist Charles Bowden launched a powerful set of frames to represent Ju?

In the second chapter, I review how Ju? In this chapter I document how Ju? The third chapter is dedicated to the analysis of how graphic narratives about Ju? I examine how the artists who have travelled to the city to report on a crisis conceive of themselves. By thinking of themselves as rescuers of the Other, these graphic narrators contribute to an uneven distribution of rights.

They reinforce the idea that local residents are either victims or perpetrators, waiting to be rescued from themselves. Finally, in chapter four I examine the work of Teresa Margolles, vis-? In this final section, I try to demonstrate that this artist? At the same time, I contend, some of her pieces have the potential to become mnemonic artifacts that can carry testimony about grief, tragedy and resistance.

Skip to main content. Email Facebook Twitter. Abstract My dissertation examines the production of Ju? Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Highlight all Match case. Whole words.

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Toggle Sidebar. Zoom Out. More Information Less Information. Enter the password to open this PDF file:. Cancel OK. File name:. File size:. Title: .Youths who take it get in the way for a long and difficult journey that requires all their efforts.

Furthermore, if it is an impossible task, like a peak too hard and risky to climb, how they can perform it? All of them have to deal with their impossible peaks to climb, each of them in his own way. The adolescent daughter normally feels herself impeded by her mother, who she now perceives as unfair, while in childhood she had been the object of her unbounded admiration. The feeling of imprisonment comes from her rush to grow up, to impose itself upon the mother and get for herself the benefits enjoyed by the Queen of the House.

This tour will lead us to visit two very famous fairy-tale actants, Cinderella and Parsley. Let us go to follow them segregated in the fireplace and into the tower, representations of their feeling to be hampered. We will see how from this lonely condition they can find a way to exit and find their way to grow, to find their princely happy ending.

In this Tour of the Excessive Desires, we are going to see fairy tales tied by the injunction of The Labyrinth of the Impossible Commitment. They face an insurmountable obstacle, too big at first sight, and this gives rise to them as autonomous subjects, because the actants can here find a new form of balance accepting to inherit a lack.

This leads to the happy ending, never failing in their complex stories, particularly rich in symbols. Ed The injunction of the Fork of the Possible Task includes four stories. Their main actants are not asked for anything impossible, just to go and see their grandmother or to bring grist to the mill. It may also be the case that they roam around the world without any precise task, or that eventually a magic being appears offering to grant them three wishes. In the first three cases the main actants die, in the fourth one they return to the starting point.

Fairy tales usually begin with a mortal risk or an impossible task. The protagonists defeat their antagonists and overcome any obstacle through their perseverance and some magic. But the ethics of fairy tales often look absurd: not having fatal enemies or insurmountable tasks leads here to death or to a stalemate.


Continuing through this Tour of a Dangerous Upbringingwe can understand that this fairy truth - paradoxical and unacceptable to common sense - has a lot to do with everyday life. The Italian word fata comes from the Latin fatum fate, destinyand it reminds us of the ambivalence of the ancient goddesses of fate, Moirai, Parchae or Norns.

The same ambivalence characterizes fairies fate as well, but positivist pedagogists zealously tried to repress it together with ambivalence of children — and parents.

They thought that goodness, kindness and generosity could come from repressing our destructive impulses. Also the word fatal comes from fatumand it characterizes an encounter or a living being that overwhelms us, something that we revile and celebrate, desire and fear.

Our killer parents, who are really ruthless, fail to eliminate even one of the protagonists of this tour, but instead end up suffering the very pain they sought to inflict.

The parents are fatal because we do not choose them and we cannot change them, like destiny. We should however go beyond the surface, and understand that these parents gave life to their children before trying to kill them, just like the Moirai spin the thread of human life before cutting it.

In fairy tales the killer parents always fail to devour their children or grandchildren, because Time, as fatal as the Moirai, does not play on their side. There is a feeling that we all know: we get it sometimes for just a few hours, and sometimes for longer periods.

At these times, nothing we ever did seems fruitful, and our resources seem useless for the future.Hasta tal punto. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

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Aviso de Cookies En esta web usamos cookies para darte la mejor experiencia posible. Cerrar Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necesarias Siempre activado.After 5 rounds, Zenit St. They had to surrender the leading position to CFR Cluj after two consecutive losses.

But afterwards they came a r. After 20 rounds, Steaua Bucuresti total get 41 points and place the 2nd of the ROM D1. In last round, Marseille got a 1-1 draw with Konyaspor on the road. In the league, it has no less than seventeen points behind leader Brondby. The Basques are in second place with twelve points, at one point behind leader Zenit St.


This is a game that the home side will hope they can get a result out of but they will know that they wil. The club A great achievement, because the Belarusian did not end up in a staggered bed in the U. So their ranking is last on the UEFA EL table. The Czechs won in Group A with 0-2 at last minute Maccabi Tel Aviv and saw at the same. This is a game between the two best sides in this group and as a resul. Therefore, the upcoming game is of a high importance. Everton only got a draw result by 2-2 with home advantage in their first clash.

Apollon Limassol kept un. Rijeka lost for two games. The recent situation of Young Boys was not stable, their home performance was good but away pe. FC Vardar Skopje lost previous 5 games on group stage and ranked the bottom of the table. FC Copenhagen takes the advantage of playing at home and will be more ambitious for this game.

Sheriff Tiraspol needs to keep unbeaten and t. Atalanta score 1 goal on away field and if they won this round or finish the game with 0:0, they will directly qualify int. They are going to end the group phase on this position, regardless of the outcome of the last match.


The team kept unbeaten records recently. They performed mediocre in recent league games. This is the final round. Independiente currently rank No. Independiente got 3 wins. Although they were as away for continuous 3 games, their situation was not so good. After 5 rounds, FC Porto got 2 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses and placed the 2nd of the table.

Small chances for the first place as n.To create a new source, you need to POST the file containing your data to the source base URL. The file must be attached in the post as a file upload. This allows you to upload binary files in compressed format (. You can easily do this using curl. The option -H lets curl set the content type header while the option -X sets the http method.

You will get the access token and the refresh token. Google Drive example:Select the option to create source from Google Drive: Allow BigML access to your Google Drive: Get the access token and refresh token: After complete these steps you need to POST to the source endpoint URL an object containing at least the file ID (for Google Drive) or the bucket and the file name (for Google Storage) and the access token.

Including also the refresh token is optional before your access token expires. Including it avoids you to be worried about expiration time. You first need to authorize BigML access from your own Google Apps application. After the authorization process you will get your access token and refresh token from the Google Authorization Server. Then the process is the same as creating a remote source using BigML application described above.

You need to POST to the source endpoint an object containing at least the file ID (for Google Drive) or the bucket and the file name (for Google Storage) and the access token, but in this case you will also need to include the app secret and app client from your App. Again, including the refresh token is optional. Your values for app client and app secret appear as Client secret and Client ID in Google developers console respectively. This way is specially useful if you want to model small amounts of data generated by an application.

It can be compressed, gzipped, or zipped. You can also use curl to customize your new source with a name and different parser. For example, to create a new source named "my source", without a header and with "x" as the only missing token. However, if you do specify it, BigML.


While the handling of numeric, categorical, or items fields within a decision tree framework is fairly straightforward, the handling of text fields can be done in a number of different ways.

At the source level, BigML. In the near future, BigML. For text fields, BigML. If all is selected, then both full terms and tokenized terms are used. For example, datasets containing all products bought by users or prescription datasets where each patient is associated to different treatments.

These datasets are commonly used for Association Discovery to find relationships between different items.

Sap bpc books

Once a field has been detected as items, BigML tries to automatically detect which is the best separator for your items. During the source pre-scan BigML tries to determine the data type of each field in your file. For instance, if a field named "date" has been identified as a datetime with format "YYYY-MM-dd", four new fields will be automatically added to the source, namely "date. For each row, these new fields will be filled in automatically by parsing the value of their parent field, "date".

For example, if the latter contains the value "1969-07-14", the autogenerated columns in that row will have the values 1969, 7, 14 and 1 (because that day was Monday). When a field is detected as datetime, BigML tries to determine its format for parsing the values and generate the fields with their components. By default, BigML accepts ISO 8601 time formats (YYYY-MM-DD) as well as a number of other common European and US formats, as seen in the table below: It might happen that BigML is not able to determine the right format of your datetime field.


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