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Password Firearms and Loads A forum dedicated to weapons and loads of choice. I've been reloading for my 17 hornet for a week or so and I ran into some problems.

Reloading the .17 Hornet

I put a post on here about crimping cases but soon figured out that crimping wasn't going to solve my problem. My bullets were loose in the case after seating each bullet. I didn't think much about it until I couldn't get the accuracy that I was wanting. I finally figured out that my resizing die wasn't doing its job. After resizing I could take a bullet and push it right down into the case only using my hands.

My first thought was that maybe the expander ball was too big. I removed the decapping rod and expander ball from the die and resized without it. On other dies for other calibers that I own this would end up making the case neck a lot narrower which would increase bullet tension. Even after I resized the 17 hornet brass without using the expander ball I could still push the bullet into the case with little effort.

I called hornady and explained my issue and they are sending me a new set of these dies for free. The only problem is that they are currently in production so I have to wait until they make me a new set.

Anyway sorry for the long post but I wanted to see if anyone else has ever had these issues and I wanted to tell about the great customer service that I received from hornady. What load are you shootig? Im gonna start with 10 grs of lil-gun with the 20 gr v max. I have been loading anywhere from That powder is recommended by Hornady for the 25 gr.

I also found it interesting that when i got the new Hornady manual that it didnt even show a load for Lil' Gun powder in 20 or 25gr. I called hornady about it and they said that Lil' Gun didnt give them a consistent burn rate or something to that effect. Now aside from Hornady I have saw where many many people use Lil' Gun in loading their 17 hornets with great results. I'll let ya know the results as soon as my die gets here. As far as my die set - Im not sure if I orderd a hornady or rcbs!

I was having such a problem with finding them I finally found 2 and when I got a hold of them on the phone I was surprised they had them so I just order it, cost 60 some bucks, it might be the rcbs-hope it is. What primer you useing? I also have the same gun you have for the same reasons but I also picked up the other and although it wasnt much I still dont want to carry that extra weight.

.17 Hornet - Manufacturer Loading Data

I'll let ya know. I'm using Winchester small rifle primers. I would say if u paid 60 bucks or them then you probably got rcbs.

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I prefer rcbs but I didn't know they were making them yet. It's not all that bad loading them even though they are tiny.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: IMR loads. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. IMR loads So my girlfriend was out and about and I've been telling her if she sees powder to call me and I'll tell her if I need it.

Well she thinks she's going to surprise me and brings home 2 cans of when i really need I don't own any of the calibers this powder was designed for. Does anyone have load data for any other calibers?

Or do i need to be looking to trade this powder? It's particularly good in the FR-8 Mauser with 18" bbl - no more flame thrower. I am pretty new to this castbullet rifle thing but i have imr works very well in It might of been a good mistake. I use it in35,and you'll like it. Used it in the Krag, '06, and for cast boolits.

It'll work for you too!! Je suis Charlie "A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves. We would not let our enemies have guns; why should we let them have ideas? I bought three lbs of the H for cast boolit loads in myand The new Hodgdon is a short cut.

The new short cut is way nicer to work with. Suppose the long grain would give better bulk for our reduced loads but I'll skip that grain cutting any day. My new Lyman 49th edition gives data for cast bullets for all but one of them.

For my I have a note here for I suspect the brand of brass matters a lot. So a I got split case-shoulders every time I fire formed Nosler brand 22 Hornet until I started annealing my brass. It is so easy and fast with the thin hornet brass that I have not investigated other ways to anneal. Before shelling out for the annealing machine I spent a long time using several dies and neck bushings to more gently form the brass in stages.

I adjusted my dies so fire-forming loads headspaced off the tiny shoulder with zero slack. Only annealing solved that problem. To fit in the Ackley chamber, the 17HH case body needs to be sized down. A full-length die works, but can actually shave off a bit of brass from the 17HH neck, which is a little bit thicker.

Everything is fired in a You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Case Forming I got split case-shoulders every time I fire formed Nosler brand 22 Hornet until I started annealing my brass.

Loads Everything is fired in a Fireformed OK even with no anneal. Split shoulder did not anneal. Only one shot registered. Only 2 shots: Sticky extraction. Sadly, no chronograph reading.

Case did NOT split. Low batteries, so only 1 shot. Max is Low batteries, so only 2 shots. Low batteries, so only, Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment hereAfter testing the Savage model 25 a few months ago, I was quite intoxicated with the new 17 Hornet cartridge, formalised by Hornady from the previously wildcatted 17 Ackley Hornet.

Although I loved the cartridge and the Savage rifle — which proved more than accurate enough for fun shooting — the mechanical design of the bolt and action did lead to a few minor feed problems and consequently bullet suitability. I eagerly awaited the CZ Model with its mini-Mauser controlled-feed action. A centre-feed magazine and a recessed boltface that would accept the mag.

Its application to the rimmed 17 seemed like a simple solution. No real reason to fit a brake as the recoil is minimal with bullet splash easily spotted in any visible backstop — if the tiny pill actually kicks up enough of a splash to see! The action is a compounded shape of round barrel-tenon with a flat-bottom interspersed with rebates for magazine cut-out, an integral recoil-lug and, moving rearwards into various machined sections for the trigger sub-assembly.

The trigger shows multiple adjustment points and, although arriving with it set at 64 ounces and considerable gritty creep in its travel, I had it adjusted within a few minutes to 38 ounces and just the tiniest feeling of movement as it broke. The trigger also has a single-set facility where you can push the blade forwards until it clicks so that the pull is now really knife-edged but safe with this secondary stage, breaking at 28 ounces.

The trigger blade is slim and quite long so does vary in feel in its set and un-set modes as the reach does change and also your finger-position in its length, so effectively changing the leverage exerted. Over-travel is also adjustable, along with the set function stop point although I left these two alone as they felt fine. The smooth trigger-blade would have also felt a little more tactile had it featured some vertical serration.

Edgar Brothers supplied a set of 30mm Millet rings that are windage adjustable with separate jaws each side to clamp onto the rail, each adjustable to tweak the ring from side to side should you need to. The ejection-port is spacious with good access to the chamber; a full length Mauser claw guides the bolt as it slides smoothly — after about 20 shots of break-in time.

Extraction and ejection of fired or live rounds was seamless, along with very smooth feed from the magazine.

h4198 17 hornet

It was quiet too, which is important to the hunter who wants to close the bolt with the least amount of disturbance. Bolt-lift was nicely weighted and gave a good feel for cartridge pressure, more of which later!

The safety-catch is a thumb-operated lever high on the right side of the action in front of the bolt shroud. If the need arises, the bolt can be field-stripped without the use of any tools in 5 seconds flat. The underside of the gun features all-steel bottom-metal and magazine system holding five rounds. The recoil-lug pocket in the stock does actually show very small amounts of some factory bedding-compound in its outer corners to reinforce the centralisation of the barrelled-action in the stock.

The rear action-screw hole has a rolled-steel pin inserted to act as a pillar and prevent compression of the stock. The barrel is free-floated in the straight-grained and profiled lightweight walnut stock, showing neatly executed sharp chequering at both grip and fore-end.

The entire build has a hand finished feel that carries old world charm and a bit of culture, especially with the iconic Mauser styled action. A scope and factory ammo. Bushnell optics really started to come on-stream last year from Edgar Brothers and I have seen quite a few examples myself.

After initially seeing them at IWA, both editor Vince Bottomley and I were expecting a little too high a pricing structure but I must say, we were wrong! Anyway, back to the CZ, I never got chance to chronograph the factory ammo — two chronos and a multitude of atmospheric lighting conditions refused to register these tiny little pills speeding over the optical sensors. Needless to say, the gun shot reasonably well with 1 inch groups at yards posing little problem.

Handloads using Hodgdon LilGun with the 20gr. V-Max were supplying superior accuracy and consistency but the tiny volume of 9gr. I ran the rounds in 0. I got a couple of high pressure moments, indicating the charge was on a knife-edge and critically intolerant to mediocre charge-weight consistency. Anyway, moving forward to the match bullet realm, Hannams Reloading supplied me with some of the excellent Berger 25gr.

My previous experiments handloading the Savage had shown a truly loving partnership between the 25 grainers — both V-Max and, at the time, tricky to feed Bergers and I was straight on the case here with Hodgdon H Well it applied here and the gun was addictive to shoot. Handloading had to be done delicately as before, due to the tiny cases and bullets but the sliding-collar design of the Hornady dies allowed the flat-base bullet to be rested in the case mouth and then vertically centralised with its tip in the centre well of the seating die.

Settling at With just Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Jan I chronographed a few loads with Lil' Gun powder today and I am surprised at the velocity from my new. My load with 9. These velocities are considerably higher than loads shown by Hodgdon. They show fps with 10 grains of Lil' Gun. I don't think my chronograph is suspect because my loads with Win were consistent with published data from Hornady.

17 Ackley Hornet

I am getting an average of fps with 9. Has anyone encountered velocities like this with Lil' Gun in their. Joined: Jul Banana Belt, Montana. Mule Deer. In my CZ rifle The primer can make a considerable difference in pressures in such a small case. A friend reported In my rifle A and H turned out to be the two best powders with 20's. A matches the factory velocity with fine accuracy, but gets a little squirrely on a hot day from a hot barrel.

H is about fps slower but just as accurate, and more stable on warm days. Thanks for the response Mule Deer. I am happy with the accuracy I'm getting with W, so I may concentrate on that powder for now. I am anxious to try A if I can ever find any. I feel fortunate to have recently found W and Lil' Gun. Joined: Aug The first pound of lil'gun gave me great accuracy and at 10 grains. The second pound diff lot was crazy as heck, just like yours. Down to 9. Different primers didn't make much change.

Like you I'm on the hunt for some Huntsman, I haven't done any substantial primer test in my. The accuracy differences weren't all that much though the pistol primer shot worstbut the velocities were substantially different, running from just over M to around with the CCI I'm going to run a similar test with the.

Loganville, Georgia. Have you done any testing of these? I started my load development with WSR primers and got two pierced primers in the first twelve shots. These happened at significantly less than Hornady published max loads.

I've shot them quite a bit in various cartridges. They're very good, performing right alongside those other brands in most loads I've worked up with other primers in cartridges like the. Of course, some loads work better with one primer over another, but I'm certainly including the Tulas in any of load work-ups from now on.O Ackley is credited with introducing the first. Over the years, however, a few problems became apparent. Capacity of Hornet cases varied quite a bit, because of the varying thickness of the brass.

This made handloaders extremely wary about mixing different brands of brass. But that was not the only problem. For some unknown reason, Winchester and Remington cases measured.

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The solution to this is rather simple. Custom gunsmiths used an undersize reamer so that cases matched the chamber. Some of the European ammo makers made brass cases that were not only larger but had thicker rims. When owners of Brno Hornet rifles used American ammo in their rifles, the fired primers protruded - a sign of excessive headspace.

Another problem: the capacity of different brands of Hornet cases varied quite a bit owing to the varying thickness of the brass.

For this reason when reloading. When reloading the Hornet case, firing it, resizing and firing again the heads were prone to separate after only two or three firings. Although somewhat similar, the.

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And the neck is shorter too - 0. The factory. Brass at the mouth of the case is 0.

h4198 17 hornet

Made of heavier brass, the. However, for all practical purposes, such minor differences can be ignored. As a medium range varmint cartridge, the.

While the 20gn V-Max has a low sectional density 0. Also, if you use the heavier bullet, the wind has more time to work on it, because of the longer time of flight. In my original Remington Model in. Nor is it possible to seat the bullet closer to the lands, because the length of the magazine restricts cartridge overall length to 1.

All have a relatively low sectional density and ballistic coefficient, the equivalent of a. The maximum average chamber pressures permissable for. This figure also holds true for the wildcat. The cartridge headspaces off the rim, but Hornady tightened up the chamber at the shoulder to reduce cases lengthening. Handloading the.Dies and Loads for 17 Hornet.

I just purchased a CZ Varmint in 17 Hornet and rounds of ammo. Is one appreciably better than the other, or is there another brand you'd recommend? Also, there doesn't seem to be a lot of load data for the 17 Hornet. If you've got some good recipes usingH, or powders, for 20 - 25 grain bullets, I'd appreciate hearing about them! Castafly, I have two rifles in 17HH. My CZ varmint model likes a load of I tried using other primers, and the accuracy just was not there, but with the winchester, I get sub MOA at all day.

I full length size every case just to where it fits in the chamber without resistance, and by using the FL die, that little neck is sure to be concentric with the rest of the case. The 17HH has become my favorite cartridge for the time being. Have fun. Your 17 Hornet may be in several different flavors which one do you have? There's a fair bit of info around Saubier Others may disagree AR sold in the US as Hodgdon is a bit too slow for the 17 Hornet, and quite large grained to fit into the case without a time consuming tap-tap technique to settle it.

Moved to Vihtavuori N on the recommendation of Johno thanks mate! Very accurate. I just use the Hornady two die set I agree minimal FLS only works the shoulder. I have the Hornady dies and like them very much, the fact that they are less expensive than the other offerings doesn't hurt my feeling either.

The seater has a floating sleeve to keep the neck and shoulder in alignment with the projectile like the excellent but incredibly expensive Redding Competition seaters.

I neck-size all my varmint ammo until it begins to get sticky, if it ever does as some never have.

CZ 527 Varmint in 17 Hornet by Chris Parkin

If money were no object I might consider this setup but for me money is an object and I don't believe my rifle as well as it shoots would be capable of shooting a noticeable difference between the dies I use and the set below. Sure a nifty round!!!

I thought I might add this link as well. Just click on the powder brands site and go to the "Loading Data and Specifications", scroll down say on the Accurate Powders data and you'll find the. I am still developing loads for my.

The usual caution, this is a very small case and small changes in load can create large changes in pressure.

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I find one to two tenths change in charge weight at a time are the order of the day. Keep us posted what ya come up with. Here's the Western Powders site.

I use Lampblack a case and find where the shoulder is just touching. Your brass last and not stretch nearly as much.

17 hornet vs 22 hornet at 200 yards

My 17 HH is my favorite P Dog gun, they are a lot of fun. Good luck sgtg out. All times are GMT.


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