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Redtick beagle kennels

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The blue tick beagle is a rare variety of the beagle dog breed. To learn more about this type of beagle, scroll below.

redtick beagle kennels

The blue tick beagle is not a different breed of beagle, it just has different coloration. Small but quick and alert, with a pleasing nature, the Beagle is a dog breed designed for the hunt.

Being a member of the hound group of dogs, it has an amazing sense of smell and can very accurately track a variety of smells. Today, the beagle is still used as a hunting dog for small-sized game like rabbits and is also used as a detection dog, in law enforcement agencies, due to its keen sense of smell. Height : inches Weight : lbs Body structure : Compact and lean body with muscular legs, shorter in proportion to body.

Broad, smooth head with large eyes and long, soft, rounded ears. Broad-chested with narrow abdomen and short tail. Type of coat : Short-haired, smooth, hard coat, typical of the hound group. Color : Tricolor black, white, brown or white with different colors tan, lemon, red, brown, liver, black Markings : Blue ticks or flecks on the light-colored part of the coat.

Beagles do not have block or singular coat colors, rather, their coats are mixed patterns in either two or three colors, such as a black back or saddle with a brown head and white underbelly.

Grasslands Beagles

They can also have small flecks or spots on the white parts of their body, either blue or red in color. This color variety of beagles are called ticked or mottled beagles. A blue ticked beagle has black or blue flecks on the white part of its body. Blue tick beagles behave just like other beagles. Gentle and friendly: They are affectionate and loving companions if socialized and trained at an early age.

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Their gentle and patient nature makes them ideal pets for children. Working together: Beagles are ancestrally, used to work together in groups. They do really well with other dogs.

Beagles can be apartment dogs, provided there is enough space for them to be active indoors and they can be taken outside and exercised. A small, fenced yard is necessary to keep this dog active and healthy.

This small dog breed is very energetic and needs at least one brisk walk, each day. It is a hunting dog and will chase interesting scents. So always walk the dog on a leash, to prevent it from running off.First litter is sired by Jocko's Ghost, our all blue stud dog that has been sire to some really nice large heavy headed pups with both color and huge voice to spare.

Blue Sky is the female we bred Jocko with. Blue Sky is a hard treeing slobber mouth tree dog. We have both male and female available from Jocko's litter. The second litter is from Carbide he was bred to dark Sky. She is DJ's sister. We have a pair of males from this cross. We have three stud hounds that we offer for breeding, and will also ship their semen to our buyers.

Backed by seven generations of show dog champions, the pedigree of our dogs is unbeatable. We also raise puppies off of our stud dogs and sell them to customers across the country. We will have puppies for sale in the spring. We are expecting more puppies within the next few days. Contact us for more information on what puppies are available. We currently have 11 puppies with 5 males and 6 females. Welcome to Blackjack Blue Tick Kennel.

Owned and operated by James Crosier, we specialize in breeding, raising, and training Championship quality coon dogs. We are located on 10 acres, just outside of Greenville, North Carolina.

redtick beagle kennels

Our property includes a first-class dog run and kennel, as well as plenty of area for training in the low grounds full of old timber and coon!

We have been raising blue tick hounds sincewe have three stud hounds to breed. We have semen that we can ship out. We have seven generations of dogs that have been titled. We have female dogs, we raise puppies off the stud dogs to sell across the country. We go to coon hunt competitions to compete and we have been successful for titles such as champion, grand champions, and some of our dogs have had success in the arenas. We are a definitely a family operated business. We are a three generation kennel and we have had the same line of dogs since and selectively breeding these dogs to breed newer blood lines as it was available.

Carbide is also out of Smokin blue Jake; this cross was made 2 years ago and several have made fantastic competition dogs, both night hunts and bench shows!! Several are booked already.But did you know that there are 25 different colors of the Beagle? In other words, you have options.

Picking out a Beagle is more than finding the right breeder, though a reputable breeder is very important.

redtick beagle kennels

These 8 Beagle colors give you plenty of options for finding a coat variation that matches you and your personality best. These are the seven most common colors of these little friendly dogs. Though there may be other colors of the Beagle, they are extremely rare and excluded from this list.

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For more information on the official colors of these dogs, check out the official standard colors provided by the AKC. However, Beagles are typically multi-colored dogs. At the very least, a Beagle will have two colors from the list. The black, tan and white Beagle tricolor is by far the most popular color for these dogs. These dogs are typically born with just white and black. The classic tri-color Beagle is both spectacular and stunning. They develop the same colors in roughly the same areas for all dogs with this variation.

For instance, you will always see tan on the face, ears, body and sometimes legs and tails. However, black may sometimes appear on the head, ears and tails. As for the white, the color is usually apparent on the legs, bottom, chest and muzzle. Different region variations of these colors can occur, but this is pretty standard for the black tan and white Beagle.

Breeding for Hunting Hounds

The black and tan Beagle is another popular color variation, though not as popular as the classic tri color. These Beagles have the both tan and black, but are missing the white to complete the classic tri-color variation. For the most part, these dogs are mainly black. Fortunately, the black and tan Beagle is officially recognized by the AKC under the registration code.

With that said, these dogs can make great show dogs. The chocolate tri-colored Beagle is another unique combination of colors commonly seen in Beagles.

The Blue tri-colored Beagle can also be called the blue, tan and white Beagle. Some breeders may also call them the silver tri color Beagle. Despite the unusual color combination, these color variations are officially recognized by the AKC. It is possible for a blue tri color to lose their silver back color as they age.

In this case, they may lose patches of fur and develop serious skin conditions. This health issue is not exclusive to blue Beagles, but to all blue dogs, including French Bulldogs and Doberman Pinschers as well. They can have black tips on the top of the hair — along their back.

redtick beagle kennels

However, this black is subtle and not enough to justify calling them classic tri-colored Beagles. Another popular color combination is the lemon and white Beagle. As you may have guessed, the lemon refers to a yellowish golden color when it comes to Beagles.

A lemon and white will have a white-colored base coat, with golden patches that can vary a lot in size. The lemon patches are typically seen on the back and body, tail, face and ears of the Beagle.I began breeding bluetick hounds in I breed stricktly for the love of the bluetick hound. My adventures in bluetick hounds began as a child in Kentucky where we had a bluetick hound, Thumper, as our family dog. I remember him being strong, sturdy and protective, as well as, gentle and easy going.

My husband was a huge fan of UT football and loved watching Smokey walk the sidelines giving the signature bluetick bawl throughout the game. Soon we bought our first bluetick which incidently was named Smokey.

It was very difficult to find a bluetick breeder in Tennessee which I thought to be rather odd since the bluetick is the mascot of one of the major univerisities here. One would think bluetick hounds would be all over the Tennessee area. I bought Davis Branch farm with the thought that Smokey and I would start a breeding program. After much research, I bought my first female, Sally, in The first litter didn't come until Now I have two awesome male hounds and five females.

Currently, I am having four litters per year. All my hounds are Purple Ribbon bred with excellent hunting and bench show championships in their pedigrees. They are well suited for the family pet or as a top hunter. The program aired on August 24th, Mike Marshall flew in from Boston on April 30th and spent about four hours filming our hounds and puppies for a minute feature.

Shortly there after, on Febuary 21st,Smokey 10 was born. I'm sworn to secrecy so I can't tell ya'll. One of the dog runs. Outdoor Kennel Run. Indoor Kennel. Whelping Box.There's a special feeling that you get deep down inside when you experience Beagle puppies at play!

Here at Shiloh Farm in beautiful western North Carolina, we get that feeling a lot, and it never gets old! The only thing better than seeing Beagle puppies playing jubilantly with each other, is watching each of our 11 grandchildren interacting with a litter of bouncing, playful, sweet Beagle puppies!

Carefree and absolutely joyful, that's what a Beagle puppy is, and somehow when you take part in their fancy-free existence, you can't help but come away a little less stressed, and a lot more appreciative of God's small wonders embodied in these little hounds.

We look forward to seeing you here soon, and you can leave with an armful of happiness, a Beagle puppy A little Beagle puppy is the very best pet ever! There is nothing in all of God's wonderful world like a little bouncing Beagle puppy to make everyone smile! Here at Shiloh Little Beagles, we specialize in smiles. We not only guarantee that your new little registered Beagle puppy is healthy, and has been cared for in the best manner to prepare him for your family, we guarantee he will make everyone smile!

We are located in beautiful western North Carolina, in the foothills of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. We have been breeders of little Beagles for over 25 years, and we never grow tired of seeing the smiles on the faces of the new puppy owners and their family members. Our playful puppies receive daily attention by us and our 11 grandchildren, so they are well socialized and ready for their new homes.

We specialize in little Beagles. Our adults are all 13" tall and under and weigh between 15 and 25 lbs. Actually, there are no true pocket Beagles today, those very small lines disappeared in England in the 's. Beware of any unscrupulous breeder claiming they have such puppies.

There are only two classifications of Beagles today recognized by The American Kennel Club, The 13" class and the 15" class.

Our dogs are all in the 13" classification. Within the 13" class, we have some very small adults, as small as 12 lbs. These adults often pass on their "peanut" size to their offspring, resulting in "mini-Beagle" puppies. They are not "runts", and are every bit as healthy and active as the larger versions. They have all of the adorable looks and antics of the larger Beagles, but in the pint size package! A large percentage of our puppies grow up to be "mini - Beagles" as adults, but retain all the wonderful attributes of the iconic Beagle breed.

Although all our dogs are AKC registered, recently we have seen an opportunity to spearhead a brand new dog registry, The American Little Beagle Association ALBAan in-house registry that we hope will expand greatly to other Beagle breeders across the country in the coming years. It is for this reason that our customers deserve to have our assurance that the little Beagle puppy they purchase will not grow into a small Labrador!

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As responsible breeders, we strive for all the best characteristics to be passed into each little Beagle puppy we sell.

It is not only the size of our dogs that we are concerned about, we are just as focused on the temperament and intelligence of our breeding stock.

Red Tick Beagles for Sale

After many years of breeding Beagles, we are pleased to say that our current adults are the best all around Beagles we have ever had. We look forward to seeing you here soon at Shiloh Farm, and we promise you will leave with a healthy little Beagle puppy Click on the picture below to see a precious video of our grandkids with a litter of our Beagle puppies.

Make sure to view it in full screen to maximize your smiles!Woodpont Beagles are a pack of black and tan dual-purpose show and field bred hunting hounds located in Southern Ohio, USA.

Some of our female lines now stretch back as many as 15 generations, spanning over 35 years. Hounds from this kennel have been successful in the past at AKC field trials and shows, although the primary focus the past 20 years has been on pack work after cottontail rabbit, and occasionally snowshoe hare. Our vision is of the perfect beagle…One with the hunting ability, conformation, intelligence and temperament to suit any serious hunter.

From long established field lines, our hounds get their hunting instincts. These are females who had major roles in the hunting pack and breeding program.

Starting with Woodpont Brandywine, purchased as a puppy in from Tom and Velta Dornin of Little Ireland Kennels, our lines now go back as many as 15 generations. These hounds and the others in the kennel represent many generations of careful breeding to get the very best HUNTING hounds we could produce, using the best field and show lines still available.

Pictured is Woodpont Timber — a fine hunting hound. All three hounds have played a major part in shaping the Woodpont Beagles of today. Note the fine conformation of these three top hunting hounds. Larry bred many great dual-purpose beagles from his Valar Kennels in the s and s, including Woodpont Joker.

What does the future hold for the beagle as a breed?

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Should we be concerned about the gene pool we have now, and about our possibilities for the future? Will the bloodlines we are developing today be able to produce something that will satisfy the rabbit hunter in and beyond assuming there is still hunting thenor are we gradually creating beagles bred so specifically for field trials and shows that no hunter would want them? These are the types of questions we must consider if we really want to maintain the long-term usefulness of our breed, especially for its original purpose.

Too often, short-sighted thinking takes priority over what is best for the breed. Let me say up front that my thoughts are not meant to disparage field trialing, showing, judging, etc. I believe, as always, that trials and shows are wonderful events for bringing people together, and for showing individual hounds to the public, and do have some usefulness in thoughtful breeding decisions.

My attempt here is only to get others to consider the overall welfare of the breed when these decisions are being made. We are blessed in Southern Ohio to have large tracts of reclaimed mine lands on which to hunt.

It is rugged, hilly country, with a plentiful supply of game. Rabbits here are known to run extremely large circles, especially in spring. Much of the land, is covered with lespedeza and fescue, while the hollows between are typically wooded and deep. Breeding for Hunting Hounds. With the proper combination of conformation and field ability. About Woodpont Beagles. More About Us. Our goal is to breed hard hunting hounds with the proper combination of conformation and field ability.

Our Breeding Philosophy.Add Your Site.

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We are in Oklahoma. Page: [1] 2 Last Update: Wed, Powered By GoTop Daddy Rabbit Kennel is known all over the USA for producing the hardest hunting, briar busting, run to catch, hall of fame, red beagles. The Beagle Hound. We are the gun hunter choice. We raise beagles to be rabbit hounds.

We are located in Marshall County, Kentucky and we strive to raise the best BlackCreek and Skullfork influenced hounds around. Dallas Pike Kennel. Yellow Creek Blood line based beagles bred for top rabbit hunting performance. Kentucky: Crossties Hunting Beagles. Located in Western Kentucky. Breeding the total package line bred Buckshot Jones gundog beagles.


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